Rewrite request for Set-AppVApplicationPublishingSettings

Sep 20, 2013 at 12:07 PM
Today I was testing this project to see if I could use it to import all our applications into our test environment. I did the following findings.

The server that I used to run the scripts had a locale different from US-en and the cmdlets didn't work. After changing the locale to US-en the cmdlets are working.

My 2nd finding was that if a application is published to the Start Menu, it is published to : %CSIDL_PROGRAMS%\Application Virtualization Applications and not to the location that is in the OSD.

After looking into the Source Code, I found that this path is hard coded. Is there someone that can help me out rewriting the publishing cmdlet so it wil utelize the location from the OSD in stead of a hard coded path ?

I think that this line needs to be rewritten :
helpers.WriteToDB("INSERT INTO [APPVIRT].[dbo].[APPLICATION_PUBLISH_TOS] ([app_id],[publish_to],[name],[icon_file],[parameters]) VALUES (" + (object) num + ",N'%CSIDL_PROGRAMS%\\Application Virtualization Applications',N'" + this.AppName + "',NULL,NULL)");