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Project Description
The Microsoft App-V Server 4.6 SP1 PowerShell Snapin provides a set of Cmdlets to enable IT administrators to manage App-V Server 4.6 SP1 using Microsoft Windows PowerShell.

The project zipped file contains two files:

  • AppVSnapIn.dll: The assembly file contains the Cmdlets. 
  • AppVSnapIn.dll-Help.xml: The help file for the snapin that used to populate help information when use Get-Help cmdlet


  • Windows PowerShell 2.0
  • Microsoft App-V Server 4.6 SP1

How to use this snapin?

First, you have to register the assembly file using InstallUtil.exe


PS C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727> .\InstallUtil.exe -i C:\AppVSnapIn\AppVSnapIn.dll

The Install phase completed successfully, and the Commit phase is beginning.
See the contents of the log file for the C:\AppVSnapIn\AppVSnapIn.dll assembly's progress.
The file is located at C:\AppVSnapIn\AppVSnapIn.InstallLog.
Committing assembly 'C:\AppVSnapIn\AppVSnapIn.dll'.
Affected parameters are:
   i = 
   assemblypath = C:\AppVSnapIn\AppVSnapIn.dll
   logfile = C:\AppVSnapIn\AppVSnapIn.InstallLog
   logtoconsole = 

The Commit phase completed successfully.

The transacted install has completed.

To make sure that you snapin installation completed successfully, use Get-PSSnapin cmdlet with -Registered parameter

PS C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727> Get-PSSnapin -Registered

Name        : MicrosoftAppVServerSnapIn
PSVersion   : 2.0
Description : PowerShell Snap-in for Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Server 4.6 SP1

Now, load the snapin into your PowerShell and start using it

Add-PSSnapin MicrosoftAppVServerSnapIn


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